Tuition is $39,500 for the 2019-20 school year. Tuition fees cover all beginning and end of year camping trips, textbooks, classroom materials, printing and mailing costs, student ID cards, graduation fees, transcripts, yearbooks, and other classroom expenses. Special Program fees are billed separately because of the wide range of programs offered. Incidental fees may be charged for other activities such as field trips and laptop rentals. To help you plan for future years, we anticipate that the tuition and fee will most likely increase 3 - 8% annually.

When a student is admitted to Maybeck High School, the family is required to submit an enrollment deposit–approximately 10% of next school year’s tuition–in order to secure their child’s spot. Students admitted with financial aid pay an enrollment deposit in line with their family’s expected contribution as outlined in their enrollment agreement. Enrollment deposit amounts are then applied to a family’s tuition obligation for the school year.

Maybeck offers families three different payment plans:

Plan 1: One annual payment due July 1st.

Plan 2: Semi-Annual Installments due July and December

Plan 3: Ten monthly installments due July through April of the school year

As Maybeck must commit itself to faculty, staff and facilities costs for a full year, enrollment of a student obligates the parent or guardian for a full year's tuition regardless of any reason for withdrawal or dismissal at any time during the school year."

Financial Aid

Maybeck uses the School and Student Services provided by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). NAIS helps to identify financial aid options and takes the guesswork out of making a private education more affordable.

Tuition Reduction Application Procedure (.pdf)