As a college preparatory school, Maybeck has high expectations of its student body. Our curriculum builds sequentially to develop mastery and sophistication in all disciplines. Students are placed in courses according to their performance level rather than their grade level.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate, Maybeck students must earn passing grades in at least 220 semester units of course work during grades 9 through 12. Each semester-long class is worth 5 units (year-long classes are worth 10 units). Special Programs are also worth 5 units. Students who apply to Maybeck for their senior year must complete a minimum of 55 units in order to graduate.

Included in the 220 units are the following courses, which constitute the minimum subject requirements for graduation.


English 40 units, including Composition and Literature

Math 30 units, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II

Science 30 units, including Biology

Social Studies 30 units including World History, US History, and 10 units of Advanced Social Studies electives

Foreign Language 20 units, including third year

The Arts 10 units

Physical Education 20 units, including Health

Community Service 60 hours (no units given)

Community Service

Each student is required to perform sixty hours of supervised community service in order to receive a Maybeck diploma. This service must be voluntary and be under the aegis of a community agency. The service may not be completed at political organizations. The sixty hours may be completed during any twelve-month period in the four years prior to graduation.

Sequences for Academic Courses

English Composition Inter. Composition Literature Advanced English Electives
Math Geometry Algebra II Pre-Calculus Calculus
Science Conceptual Physics Chemistry Biology Science Electives
Foreign Language French/Spanish I French/Spanish II French/Spanish III French/Spanish IV
History World History US History Adv. History Electives Adv. History Electives

College Eligibility Requirements

English 4 years (includes Literature) 4 years
Math 3 years (Alg., Geom., Alg. II) 3 years (Alg., Geom., Alg. II) +
Science 2 1/2 years (includes Biology) 2 years (lab science) +
Foreign Language 3 years 2 years +
Social Studies 3 years (includes World, US history) 2 years (World, US history)
Visual/Performing Art 1 year 1 year
Physical Education 2 years (includes Health) none
Adv. Academic Electives as necessary to reach 220 units also: 60 hours community service 1 year +


Last year, more than 50 college representatives
took the time to visit Maybeck so they could meet our students in person.

Our graduation requirements meet or exceed the entrance requirements for the University of California and California State University systems. Students receive counseling to guide them in the completion of Maybeck's graduation requirements and to be college eligible.