From our Director


Maybeck High School was founded by a group of educators 45 years ago who set out to create a school where scholarship, independence, and curiosity were shared by  faculty and students alike.  The school was shaped as a community of teachers who wanted to share in the work of defining the school structure as well as the work of leading classrooms. Today we value that same inclusion. Maybeck is a teacher-run school where the staff asks of themselves the same things we ask of our students; to question, to listen, to lead and to strive for excellence.

There is a small quote from Emerson that I look to as a direction about how to form a solid learning community. “Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.” Silly has its origins in the old German and Gaelic words “selig” and “saell” and originally meant happy, lucky, blessed. By Emerson’s time the word had evolved to mean innocent, young and trusting.  His “Be silly” is a command to see with the eyes of a child, to lead with anticipation not cynicism, and to learn without prejudice.  All traits we value at Maybeck. Emerson’s “Be honest” is a reminder to be genuine and authentic. Honesty underlies everything we do here at school. You cannot be a fully realized academic institution without honesty guiding the way.  Truth-seeking in books, labs, essays, paint and equations is the work of learning. Take honesty away and the life of the intellect and spirit fall apart. “Be kind” is last on the list, but perhaps most important, it is a reminder of how to be in the world. It is a direction to behave responsibly and tenderly to each other, the planet, and the creatures around us. These words, “Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.” are simple, but also courageous and bold words.  They are the cornerstones of a good life. They support the work we do together at Maybeck.

A Maybeck education provides students with confidence, intellectual ease, and grace in the world.  Over and over we hear from alumni that the success they have in college and beyond has its origins in a Maybeck classroom. We are proud of what we do and look forward to sharing our school with you.



William Webb
English Teacher
School Director 



Maybeck High School is named after the regional architect Bernard Maybeck (1862-1957), whose work represents imagination and excellence and provides a model for the school's vision of education. Bernard Maybeck's concern for the environment and his appreciation for disciplined technique inspired his use of local natural materials and superb craftsmanship within the existing landscape. The school works to achieve a similar union between the traditional study of academic subject matter and the exploration and appreciation of nature.  


"My father talked to me
from childhood

about the importance

of doing what I wanted to do, of being true to myself.

He urged me to let my art

rather than any

financial consideration

have first place

in mind and heart always.

That was the finest lesson

my father taught me."

Bernard Maybeck, 1927