Learning Differences

Maybeck seeks to support all forms of diversity and understands that some students have learning differences or developmental conditions that present them with additional academic challenges. In working with students with learning disabilities, our goal is to provide reasonable support without compromising the integrity of our academic program and while promoting the independence and self-reliance we hope to encourage in all students.

Families of students with learning differences or other conditions that affect their academic performance must alert the school during the application process or as soon as the condition has been diagnosed, to determine what accommodations the school can provide.

The Academic Counselor will oversee the process of developing an accommodation plan. This plan will be necessary if a student later wishes to apply for extended time on SATs and other standardized tests. To be eligible for special accommodations, the family must submit a report written by a qualified learning specialist or psychologist and completed within the past three years.

This evaluation should include the following: 

  • The specific difference or condition that has been diagnosed

  • A recommendation for specific accommodations, with an explanation of why the difference requires each accommodation requested

  • Relevant educational, developmental, and medical history of the student

  • Thorough documentation of the techniques or methods of evaluation

  • Test results and subtest scores

  • The professional credentials of the evaluator (license, certification, area of specialization)

Because of Maybeck’s small size, we have limited resources available for students with learning differences. Many students flourish at Maybeck simply because the small classes make the learning environment more focused and personal. Often, students with learning differences benefit from working with a tutor, who can provide additional support.

We expect all students to complete all assignments, but some students reduce their homework load by taking four rather than five academic classes per semester. Other possible accommodations include providing extended time on tests or allowing the use of laptops for note-taking and in-class writing assignments. We do not generally allow students to record lectures. All accommodations will be made on a case-by-case basis and will be reviewed annually.

We may not be able to provide all of the accommodations requested by the psychological evaluation. Our goal is to ensure the best fit possible between student and school. Some students with significant learning differences may find that Maybeck is not the best academic environment for them, in which case we will try to recommend schools that might better serve their needs.