Tom Stone
History, Social Studies

MA Modern History
Oxford University UK

PGCE Secondary Education in History
London Institute of Education UK

Tom was born and raised back in the mother country, England, before making his way to the Bay area in 2012. This unusual maneuver was inspired by his dual citizen and teacher wife, Anna, who currently also works as a teacher in the Bay area. Tom holds a degree from the University of Oxford, in the dubiously named subject of 'Modern history' (that's 1066-present). He also holds a Secondary Teaching Qualification in History from London's Institute of Education. A lifelong obsession with the past can be traced to a combined origin of; 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure', the writings of the American Historian Shelby Foote, as well the much more serious and just as magnificent, ‘World at War’ documentary narrated by Laurence Olivier.

Tom feels perhaps most at home among students in a History classroom and hopes one day to inspire some young mind to benevolent world dictatorship or failing that, hopes that every Maybeck student leaves the school with wide ranging and empathetic view of the world around them. At Maybeck Tom teaches History of every type, likes to make cameo appearances at basketball club and coached the first ever Maybeck Soccer team. In his spare time, he loves to hike especially in the wilderness and thanks to Dave K and the incredible Maybeck bike trip is now an avowed lover of long distance road biking. He loves to watch sports as well, and is a proud if somewhat disgruntled Raider as well as supporter of Manchester United. Tom likes to occasionally dabble in some Sci Fi writing as well as arts and crafts, specifically flint knapping, polymer clay sculpture and soon, (he keeps saying to himself) wood and stone carving.