Daniel Herman


BA in English with Honors
Lafayette College

PhD Literature
Victoria University of Wellington

Daniel Herman teaches literature, religion, philosophy, and history at Maybeck. He received his doctorate in Literature in 2011, from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, under the supervision of Vincent O’Sullivan, former Poet Laureate of New Zealand.

Daniel is the author of Zen and the White Whale: A Buddhist Rendering of Moby-Dick, which arose from his years of residential Buddhist practice at the San Francisco Zen Center (Tassajara and Green Gulch) and overseas. The book explores the wisdom and compassion of Melville's narrator Ishmael, and how these qualities allow him to cope with adversity, respect ideological diversity, and live skillfully in a fickle, slippery world. Daniel also created and organized the inaugural San Francisco Moby-Dick Marathon in October 2015, and is currently helping to coordinate marathons for 2018 and 2019.

Non-literary interests include pizza, coffee, Bob Dylan, hiking in the redwoods, and the New York Mets. Daniel lives here in Berkeley, with his wife, two young daughters, and medium-sized dog.