Anya Fernandez
Math, Science

BS in Biology
Point Loma University

Anya was born and raised in the Bay Area and then spent eight years in San Diego (with a brief nine-month stay in Denver thrown in for good measure). She majored in biology and chemistry at Point Loma University, graduating with a BS in 2002. After graduating college, Anya spent a year at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in a PhD program in Molecular Biology, only to discover her love for teaching and therefore promptly said farewell to grad school. She returned to San Diego and worked for several years in a lab focused on the immune system and arthritis until 2006 when Anya moved back to the Bay Area and began teaching high school chemistry. Joining Maybeck in 2012, Anya has since taught Chemistry, Geometry, Anatomy & Physiology, and Algebra I. She enjoys the classroom environment and hopes her love for math and science rubs off on those around her.

In her spare time Anya loves to read, swim, bake, repurpose old furniture and sew. However, most of her spare time is spent either at the park or building forts with her three adorable children. Anya also loves to experience new places (culturally and gastronomically). She has been to Canada, Mexico, England, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, and more. Anya’s last travel adventure took her to Puerto Rico with a group of Maybeck students.