Won Cha


B.F.A. / The Cooper Union School of Art

For the past 8 years, Won continues to find himself, inside the classroom as a teacher and behind the scenes as an administrator, in various organizations. He has been fortunate enough to be mentored by talented teachers throughout his life. He sees the classroom as an active forum, bringing together individuals of various cultures, perspectives, identities, and life experiences. What is created through these intersections continues to be a wellspring of inspiration. As a teacher and a lifelong student, he aims to facilitate an open-ended dialogue, nurturing creative and intellectual engagement.

Most recently, Won was apart of a survey, composed of graduate students at Cal, that visited the planned border wall site dividing the sister cities of Mexico and the United States. The survey conducted research on the social, cultural, economic, ecological, and humanitarian implications of the planned border wall. Won developed a project, with a graduate student in urban planning, questioning U.S. multinational involvement in destabilizing Mexico’s agricultural autonomy.

As an artist, he continues to exhibit work throughout the country and abroad. https://www.artforum.com/artguide/lc-queisser-16355/won-cha-158851

As a New Yorker, he is still puzzled by the sight of palm trees in January.