Stan Cardinet
Founder & Director Emeritus, Social Studies

BA in History
Saint Mary's College

After earning his BA in History, Stan began to study Modern European History in graduate school at UC Berkeley. His graduate studies were interrupted when he was drafted and he spent two years in the army, 1961-1963. Then he spent six months living in Germany. He returned to California and began teaching history and social studies at Saint Elizabeth’s High School in Oakland. He taught there for seven years. In 1972 Stan and a small group of teachers from St. Elizabeth’s left and began their own school. Maybeck was born. The first year there were 17 students. This small but passionate group of students and teachers formed a school around Stan’s core beliefs about education. Stan believes that education develops who you are, that experience is better than the lecture, that you will learn more outside of school than inside. Sadly, he says, school is usually narrow, yet a necessary phase in life, in a modern culture. Maybeck was created to make school a better place. Maybeck is a place to keep ideas, students, and teachers safe. It is a place without hostility between ideas, students, and teachers. It is a school dedicated to helping students reach their potential.

Stan is intellectual, interested in many things, a man who loves to share ideas with young creative minds. He dedicated his life to nurturing their creativity and thinking processes. In his 35 years teaching at Maybeck, he taught history, religion, art history, environmental design, origins of the Holocaust, poetry, thinkers, and oil painting, just to name a few subjects. He brought unparalleled passion to his classes. He told stories in character. Unsatisfied with dull textbooks, he collected poignant, exciting articles over his lifetime and organized them into readers for the courses he taught.

Today Stan spends much of his time reading, writing, and painting. He continues to teach an occasional class at Maybeck. He enjoys reading and is now in volume III of Henry Louis de La Grange’s biography of Gustav Mahler. He is currently writing a memoir about his time in the army.