Programs & Events

In its first year, Maybeck established the tradition of taking students on extensive camping trips and pursuing projects outside the classroom walls. Since that time, Maybeck has continued to offer a program that launches students beyond the classroom and into the wider world, from our immediate neighborhood to around the planet. Community building, environmental awareness, and global awareness form central tenets of Maybeck’s educational mission.


Our small size allows us to take the whole school on camping trips at the beginning and end of the year and encourages students to participate in bike trips and full moon camping weekends. We reserve two weeks before spring break for an intersession during which we pursue Special Programs. We also attend local theater productions and art exhibitions. Maybeck’s Student Activities Committee (SAC) sponsors two student-run SAC Days dedicated to community-building as well as clubs, a student store and a yearbook. Finally, in recognition of our membership in the larger community, we require each student to perform 60 hours of community service before graduation.