Anissa Boukhris

Baccalauréat Français in Modern Languages and Mathematics
Lycée Pierre Mendes France, Tunis, Tunisia

BA in French
Université des Sciences Sociales de Toulouse and Birmingham Southern College

MA in Social Justice Education (Certification in French and History)
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Anissa was born in Carthage, today a suburb of modern Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. She came to United States in her twenties, pursuing a career in education and translation/interpretation. She has a deep love of the Mediterranean world and its history, including the rich heritage of Carthaginian and Roman civilizations.  Anissa is a native speaker of French, Arabic (both classical Arabic and Tunisian Dialect), and English. She is also fluent in Italian and proficient in Spanish. 

In addition to being a linguistics and Classical History nerd, Anissa's specific areas of academic interest include La Francophonie beyond the traditional franco-centric French classroom with particular focus on the literatures and cultures of Sub-Saharan West Africa, North Africa, Francophone Canada (Acadia) & the French Caribbean/Haiti, and the history and impact of French Colonialism on Francophone cultures, literatures and modern-day politics.  Anissa also loves 18th Century French literature and history from Les philosophes des lumières to the literary movements leading up to the French Revolution. 

In her spare time, Anissa is an amateur photographer, an experimental cook of Tunisian, Berber, Iberian and southern Italian cuisine, an avid reader of historical fiction, and a mom to two great kids!