Welcome to the Maybeck Summer Reading Assignment! Each summer, Maybeck’s staff and students read a book (or books, this year) which ties into the theme of the fall Retreat. This fall’s theme is “Metamorphosis” and our main texts are Eugène Ionesco’s play Rhinoceros and Franz Kafka’s novella The Metamorphosis. Both texts are required reading. Maybeck will provide you with copies of these texts.

Pages 162 and 163 of Kafka's Metamorphosis were inadvertently left out of the Reader.
To download the pages, either 'Right Click' the following link if you are a PC user OR press the Control key and Click on the link and select 'Download Linked File' if you are a Mac User:
Pages 162-3 of Kafka's Metamorphosis

1. Read and annotate your copies of Rhinoceros and Metamorphosis! (Click on “Instructions for Annotations” for tips and guidelines on annotating your texts.)

2. Bring your annotated copies of these required texts with you to the Fall Retreat in September. Many of our activities during the Retreat will be focused on discussing and writing about these core texts as well as the supplemental texts that are given below in the "List of Supplemental Readings and Videos" below.

3. Choose at least two of the supplemental readings or videos below and be prepared to discuss them on the trip. You will not be required to annotate any of the supplemental materials.

List of Supplemental Readings or Videos

o Selections from Ovid’s Metamorphoses (in the Reader)
o Howard Zinn’s “A Kind of Revolution” (in the Reader)
o Moebius Transformations Revealed
o Non-Euclidean Geometry, Physics, and the Mind: from Bernhard Riemann's Habilitation [Dissertation]
o A Brief Course in Non-Euclidean Geometry
o Ecological Footprint Once you click on the link, check your download folder for the Doc.
o Stem Cells That Kill

Think about the theme of metamorphosis within and across the different texts you encounter.

If you have questions, please contact anyone of us:

Kristin Nelson (Composition, Intermediate Composition)
Rosemary Delia (Literature)
Katie Ferrell (Advanced English)
Nina LaCour (Advanced English)
Michael Ditmore (Advanced English)