Vladimir Duran

B.A. in Mathematics
University of California, Berkeley

A graduate of San Fernando High School, Vlad was born and raised in New York City and then spent his teenage years in Southern California. He has been working at Maybeck since 2008 teaching Algebra I, Geometry and Pre-Calculus. He has taught several Special Programs including travel to Guatemala (2012), travel to El Salvador (2010) and Music-making and Recording (2009). He is thrilled to be part of a worker co-operative with an educational mission and a card-carrying member of NoBAWC (Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives). Before working at Maybeck, he taught for three years in the Upward Bound program in Berkeley, CA. Vlad started his college studies at Santa Monica College and then transferred to and completed his B.A. in Mathematics degree at University of California, Berkeley. He is excited to be nearing completion of a Master of Arts in Mathematics degree from San Francisco State University (due to graduate in 2012). In his spare time Vlad plays bass, records music, studies politics and history of Latin America (especially central America and Mexico), and enjoys salsa dance and music. He is also bilingual (fluent Spanish speaker) and handsome.