How Maybeck Got Its Name

Maybeck High School is named after the regional architect Bernard Maybeck (1862-1957), whose work represents imagination and excellence and provides a model for the school's vision of education. Bernard Maybeck's concern for the environment and his appreciation for disciplined technique inspired his use of local natural materials and superb craftsmanship within the existing landscape. The school works to achieve a similar union between the traditional study of academic subject matter and the exploration and appreciation of nature. To view a video of Maybeck High School Founder and Director Emeritus Stan Cardinet speaking to the community on the 150th anniversary of Bernard Maybeck's birth, click here.

"My father talked to me from childhood about the importance of doing what I wanted to do, of being true to myself. He urged me to let my art rather than any financial consideration have first place in mind and heart always. That was the finest lesson my father taught me."

-- Bernard Maybeck, 1927