Board of Directors
As a non-profit organization, Maybeck is governed by a Board of Directors. This group has ultimate responsibility for the school, but delegates the day-to-day management of Maybeck to the salaried staff. The Board works to advance the long-term goals of the school, focusing on development, facilities planning, and diversity. Its advisory committees include board and staff members, alumni, parents, former parents, and other community members. The school welcomes the involvement of members of our extended community on these committees; if you would like to participate or know someone you think would be an asset to Maybeck, please contact the School Director.

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Dale Rose
  Dave Kinstle
Vice President
  Austin Brewin III
Member at Large
  Trevor Cralle
Member at Large
  Sherry Jacobs
Member at Large

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Laurie Kann

  Colleen Neff
Member at Large
  Peter Walsworth
Member at Large

  Jane Wechsler
Member at Large